Striking A Pose For JB Carrillo: Art, Music, Models & French Students

Three years ago JB Carrillo was simply bored with two dimensional art and decided to push his own limits towards 3D artwork that involved optical illusions.

“My interest in optical illusions snowballed. I was bored with black and white paintings and flat surface art. So I started out with Zig Zag bands of art that’s placed on a canvas, which was on display at the art show. That turned out really good so I kept pushing my own limits to something more difficult – 3D mosaics. I didn’t plan on it being so interesting from the sides. Actually I didn’t plan on the shape being so interesting!”

JB’s days of experimenting are far from over and led to this weekend’s art show, Strike A Pose at the Francisco Studios. “I organized the show to help expand my portfolio… We invited a few models and a few more walked in after hearing about the show.” During the show photographers took photos of the models – some candid, some staged – which JB will use to help inspire new forms of art work.

“I’ve been making 3D artwork that’s still on a canvas and I think I’m ready to move on from that. I’d really like to take the artwork to a greater distance… A band mosaic that’s somehow 20 feet. It’ll probably have to be an installation.

“Another art form that’s been on my mind is lasers and prisms to make portraits. That’s something I’ll probably work on in the next year.”

Other artists on display included Christian Navarrete, live graffiti by Siego and Skitzo who represented the Roughstyle Aerosolics (RSA) and photographers Santiago Lee and Michael Luster took photos of models for JB.

The art show was completely packed with local Houstonians and French art students from Paris who were in Houston for the night while traveling to Marfa, Texas.


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